Thursday, 22 December 2011

The Notting Hill Panto!! Xx

So we went to the Last Night of the truly Legendary 
Notting Hill Panto at the Tabernacle

The Programme proclaims
'Here ye, here ye, Deep in the best of the West
Londinium, its that time of year again.
The time of year when we gather up our
very own Dickensian orphans, cast aside
our Dukan diet, dust down our whistle and
flutes and have a right old knees up.
Not for the faint Hearted, Notting Hill Panto 
aims to put the pizzaz in your panto, the whipped cream into 
your coffee and the Grand Marnier in your mince pie. ...'

It certainly does that

we definitely gave ' a very warm hand to ...the 2011 oeuvre of utmost 
frivolity ... Robin (badass) Hood'

It was all brilliantly directed by Harry Burton
and Produced by the Excellent Piers Thompson
who wrote the script along with Matthew Burton

We had some very special guests

Colin Salmon as Gaia
Goddess of the Woods

Colin as we all know is very famous for his appearances 
in Resident Evil, Alien vs Predator
 and the James Bond films
Tomorrow Never Dies and The World is not Enough.
He looked gorgeous in his green goddess outfit.

Juliet Cowan was a perfectly horrible King John
she has most recently appeared in Sugartown, the Sarah Jane Adventures, 
plus Shameless, Skins and Phoneshop

and check this  - we love it

funny ginger kid on YouTube

We LOVE Juliet Cowan

Keith Allen  (pictured here with his daughter Lily)
made a genius appearance in a limited amount of clothing
singing the Sex Pistols Anarchy in the UK 
alongside Piers Thompson's PC Gonmad

Mister Tom Hollander
Notting Hill Resident and
major hollywood star of Pirates of the Caribbean,
Gosford Park, Pride and Predjudice
and that brilliant comedy REV
(which I want to catch up on at xmas)

appeared as himself
and whistled rather wonderfully

see below

btw Tom has also been in absolutely fabulous
which I hope you are all watching on xmas day ...

... and then we were all amazed when the incredible
and legendary Mick Jones
of the CLASH
played KING Richard - hurrah! 

above: the amazing mick jones

the clash

the clash - should I stay or should I go

and the version at the Notting Hill Panto

I was with my son Josh and daughter Sophie and
my close friends Rachel and Drew who own the best media studio in town
We ate at Pizza East which does some pretty fine food
& wine on the Portobello Road on the corner of Golborne Road
before, and generally had a great night 
in the forest of Notting Hill

 Josh and Drew

Rach, Sophie and Me

The Audience at the Last night Wed 21 Dec
 - Notting Hill Panto - Robin Hood

Mick Jones (on left) as King Richard
Queenie Ingrams  (middle) was a brilliant Maid Marion

  The Merry Men were fab

Jonathan Lewis played Sheriff Boris (on right with
all that familiar blonde hair)



Happy Xmas to you y'all! Xx

and here's to the FUTURE! Xx

love J Xx

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