Thursday, 10 November 2011

Top Boys - Kano, Asher D, Sway & Scorcher & SBTV! Xx

So if you didn't watch Top Boy last week - you should have done!

above: scenes from Top Boy 

Asher D & Kano at the Top Boy Premiere

It was brilliant and you can catch it on 4oD
on the link below

four hour long episodes of brilliant drama and reportage style filming
which made you really get inside the story
of inner-city drug and gang culture in east London

Check this on YouTube

Top Boy Special - Kano + Asher D + Sway + Scorcher

on Soul Culture TV with drummer Pauli

four of the actors in Top Boy who are four of our best music guys here in London 

check their videos below


Rock n Roller

Ashley Walters aka Asher D
Ashley has mostly been acting lately in Bullet Boy
Get Rich or Die Trying the film about 50 cent
and Stormbreaker with Alex Pettyfer, Robbie Coltrane,
Ewan McGregor & Stephen Fry

Asher D's Andrea


Sway's Still Speeding ft Kano


 Scorcher's It's my Time

And while we're here
check SBTV the brilliant online music channel

Jamal Edwards founder of sbtv

 take a look at this ad for Google Chrome
to find out about sbtv's creator Jamal
to show the absolute power of the Social Network
'the web is what you make it'


The Channel 4 Documentary 'From Bedroom to Boardroom'

Until next time J Xx

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