Monday, 28 November 2011

L'Essence by Balenciaga! Xx


Charlotte Gainsbourg 
Photo: Steven Meisel

L’Essence by Balenciaga.

”I am revisiting a fragrance. Balenciaga Paris. 
I want to bring out its essential character. 
A fragrance is like a cut, you can linger over it indefinitely. 
The fragrance reveals a new story. You always have to
 revisit the past to discover something new”. 
Nicolas Ghesquière

It is in the same faceted bottle but pale blue-green with Hematite lid.

 “Green fragrances are traditionally male, like eau de cologne. 
However the key to Balenciaga Paris is violet leaves.
 I wanted to draw on these almost conflicting inspirations, for women”. 

Paris. Balenciaga. L’Essence.

Hematite is a very powerful stone - it grounds and protects us.  
It strengthens our connection with the earth, 
making us feel safe and secure. 
 It fills us with courage, strength, endurance,confidence and vitality.  
Hematite stimulates concentration and focus,
 enhancing memory and original thought.

“This fragrance is very similar to the Nicolas I know.
 It is an honest, strong fragrance. It reflects what I like about his fashion. 
It is a determined and assertive fashion”.
Charlotte Gainsbourg

 “Her recent choices of powerful films.
 Her album. Her stage performances. 
I didn’t know that Charlotte. I wanted a fragrance that encapsulated
 the most private aspect of her”, Nicolas says.
 "One that gets as close as possible to Charlotte’s unusual radiance."

Charlotte, what is sensuality?
“Getting close to the skin. A blend of eroticism and reserve”.

Charlotte, what is a fragrance?
“A precious, unique scent. A scent which comes from your skin 
and a jewel which you wear on it”.

Click on the link to buy at Selfridges

Eau De Parfum 30ml:            £44.00

L'essence is also available in Eau De Parfum 50ml:£59.00
Eau De Parfum 75ml:  £75.00 & Candle:£48.00


Here is a reminder of Nicolas Ghesquière's brilliant SS12 show
for Balenciaga 

Until next time J Xx

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