Friday, 14 October 2011

Slendertone FACE by Philip Treacy! Xx

Slendertone FACE by Philip Treacy
exclusive edition 
was launched on Thursday at the
very Glamorous Veuve Clicquot Champagne
Bar at Harrods.

Andy Leyland Chief Executive Officer @ Slendertone says
'It is really wonderful to work with Philip Treacy, 
who so deeply shares our desire to help women look beautiful. 
We also share a heritage, with both Philip Treacy 
and Slendertone being born and bred in Galway Ireland'

The Philip Treacy beautiful new design for 
Slendertone maintains the benefits of the original 
product while adding more features. 
Many women don't want to have invasive treatments 
but Slendertone FACE by Philip Treacy restores 
the underlying architecture of your face 
providing a visible and natural face lift without the need for surgery.'

The Legendary and Absolutely Fabulous Philip Treacy, 
who has designed for everyone including Lady Gaga, 
Sarah Jessica Parker, Naomi Campbell, 
Grace Jones and of course the British Royal Family says 
'Working with Slendertone has been an exciting experience
 to develop this beautiful ergonomic shape. 
I have always believed in enhancing the face 
with my designs and now this revolutionary technology
 has the ability to truly achieve my dream'

The 1st launch of Slendertone Face was in 2009 
and there was a waiting list. 
Here is the New look Headset and Box with Philip Treacy's design. 
The original Face product had 'radiance', 
'massage' and 'lift' programmes 
This new design has two additional programmes  
- 'advanced lift' and 'complexion'. 

Slendertone FACE targets the atrophy of 
facial muscles stopping sagging and hollowing of 
muscles which age the face. 
It tones and lifts the muscles helping to 
restore youthful shape, 
stimulating nerves where they are closest 
together generating strong deep yet 
comfortable contractions to tone and strengthen muscles

You can wear them like a headset at your computer ...

and easily put them on like this 
- they need to be positioned directly below the cheekbones
so probably slightly lower than this 
- and 1 finger's width in front of each ear
 and uses EMS (electro muscle stimulation) 
to gently stimulate the muscles by 
activating a nerve on the side of the face 
which reaches all the muscle groups

After just one session of 20 minutes my face
felt toned and re-juvenated
Watch this space for how it feels 
after the recommended 30 mins per day 
for 12 weeks
for the 1st treatment!

All guaranteed to improve the shape and feeling of face, 
and therefore the complexion.

Slendertone FACE by Philip Treacy

 at Harrods 

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So while you are in Harrods to buy your 
Slendertone FACE by Philip Treacy
don't forget to visit the Dolce and Gabbana Make up counter 

Another Brilliant Harrods Exclusive! Xx

J Xx

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