Monday, 10 October 2011

Feather Hair Xtensions, Grazia & French Connection Xx

So, yes like Steve Tyler from Aerosmith 
I have tried those Feather Hair Xtensions - and I LOVE them.

Almost as much as I love my hairdresser Cinta Miller 
who is the best colourist and
is great for Extensions too.  
She is one of the Racoon Artistic team here in the UK
and does her own form of bespoke Extensions.  Just amazing ... Xx

Cinta Miller & Lara Stone at the CK Shock Launch
at Shoreditch House 
Photo: Jenny Palmer

Check her website right now - 
she is just about to open the best salon around
... so watch this space! Xx

Some great examples of Feather Hair Extensions! Xx

Steven Tyler


Selena Gomez

Miley Cyrus

Hilary Duff

Last Thursday, I went to a Grazia French Connection 
Shopping Evening in Regent St.

Grazia quite apart from being absolutely 
the most fabulous Fashion weekly around
have the best events - you should always look out for them.
Glass of wine - goody bag and 20% off everything.

Click to go to Grazia Daily -
for 'fashion as it happens' ... Xx

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At French Connection I found this dress 
- gorgeous very fine jersey with beaded shoulders - 
perfect for wearing to the office with biker boots
and then putting on heels if you are going out in the evening.

Tempest Twist Dress £110

and this one - absolutely irresistible ...

Silver Simmons Sequin Dress £160

... and this beautifully cut satin A-line Mini Skirt

Gigi Moments Mini Skirt £67

Last but not least - shoes to go with ...

Juine Platform Heels £160.00

Bailey Glitter Sandals £120

take a look also at French Connections film 'i am the magic dress'


So until next time peeps -   

love ya  J Xx

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