Monday, 1 August 2011

Forever 21 - Don't You Know

 Hello peeps - how are you - gorgeous weather out there.  Last Wednesday 27 July 2011, the most incredible shop opened - FOREVER 21 - which probably you all know about already as the most lovely bip ling has let us know - with her AMAZING campaign.  If you haven't checked her blog already then do -  she is just FABULOUS - and Forever 21 did a great thing picking her to advertise their stuff cos she is TWENTY ONE!

BUT their clothes are GREAT for ANY ONE!!!! XXX  (Any Age) X


Coral/White Dress £24.75 Forever 21 

Bip Ling Bus Stop Ad for Forever 21

Forever 21 is indeed FUN FEARLESS FASHION - so go in there and just have fun and buy what you want to and because the prices are so good - you can take more risks and try looks that you might not have done otherwise.

This is the advertising that is at Bond Street Tube as you come up the Escalator - 
Forever 21 is right directly opposite the tube Exit - so it is sooooo easy to find on 
Oxford Street.

Bip Ling is so cool in the Forever 21 ad - we just LOVE her - take a look at it on youtube here is the link

When Bip grows up she wants to be a giant balloon - my 10 year old daughter Sophie says she thinks this is a tiny bit strange - lol  X

Forever 21 360 Oxford Street !! Xx
Roller Girl outside Forever 21 on  opening day!! Xx
Launched in Los Angeles, California in 1984 Forever 21 now operates over 480 stores in the US and around the world, recently making its first moves into Europe in November 2010, opening stores in Birmingham and Dublin.
The USA’s favourite fast-fashion store Forever 21 opened on 360 Oxford Street on 27th  July 2011. New drops in store daily will ensure a fresh injection of fashion for shoppers at every visit to the massive, 35,000 sq. ft London store which is on 3 floors. 

With celebrity fans including Jamie Winstone, Amber le Bon, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Blake Lively,  Rihanna and more.

Here is Sophie in the entrance of the store and on the top floor by the ice cream truck.

Chandeliers Darling at the Forever 21 Store 360 Oxford Street W1 - an absolute necessity when shopping for Glamour.

Jewellery at Forever 21 - Yah! X

Here is my Daughter Sophie who is 10 in Forever 21 
top £10.50 and Me in pretty much the same one.

and Sophie's floral ballet shoes with bows & jewels £13

These shoes are gorgeous -   Champagne patent coloured shoes. -   Loving these 
- £18.75 at Forever 21.

These are £19.75 Item No 76936642019

Just LOVE them! X

Champagne Shoes  Xx

The Shoe Department.

Mirror Compacts in Black, Pink and White - and Leopard and Sequin Makeup Bags 
- oh so Glamorous

Me with my Forever 21 Bag full of Stuff and iPhone cover - we are happy with our Purchases -  2 x dresses, 4 x tops 1 x shoes, 1 x iPhone 4 cover £146.00 - what??? X

We had to sit down on a £1950 multi colored velvet patchwork 
sofa in John Lewis with our Forever 21 Bag to get over the Shock.

Tops Forever 21 £14.75 

Dresses L to R Forever 21 Coral/White @£24.75 Navy/Aqua £18.75

So get yourselves down to FOREVER 21 and have yourselves some Fearless FUN this week.
Don't you know - love me! Xxxx J X

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