Friday, 19 August 2011

Chanel Peridot! Xx

So here we are on August 19 to talk about Chanel's new colours 
 - Launched today - especially the nail colour PERIDOT 
- which this blog LOVES!!
I am wearing it above.

It is a beautiful iridescent pale green colour like the semi-precious stone which is the birth stone of us Leo's 
born between 
July 24 & Aug 23 - so it's come out just in time.

Incidentally 19 August is Gabrielle Chanel's Birthday - she was born in 1883.

There are two other colours Quartz a pearly pink and Graphite a sparkly grey - gorgeous.

Quartz, Graphite, Peridot

Here is the Blush which actually smells of roses!!  
Wonderful  - and the 
Quadra Eye Shadow which is shades of grey/brown - Gorgeous - 
especially with lots of Chanel liquid Eyeliner and Mascara.

Joues Contrast / Powder Blush 68 Rose Ecrin
Les 4 Ombre / Quadra Eye Shadow 33 Prelude
Nail Colours Quartz 525, Graphite 529 and Peridot 531

Take a look at the colours on the CHANEL Website!

The Box for the Powder Blush and the Quadra Eye Shadow

Go to Harrods or Selfridges to buy Chanel 
the websites are

Chanel packaging

This is the brilliant book on Gabrielle Chanel's life by Justine Picardie
 - you have to read it.  
It has wonderful photographs and pictures about her designs and history.
Click on the link above to buy it from AMAZON

Also connected with Chanel is the excellent Bible on Parisian Chic
 by Ines de la Fressange who was a very famous Chanel Model 
- here are some pages about make-up in the book.  
She covers a lot more.
This is a must have about Parisian Style.
The link above will take you straight to AMAZON

Above - some pages from Ines' fantastic book!

So - Goodbye for now - 
am posting over the weekend so see you very soon!!

J Xxx


  1. Excellent review, love all the references and pics! I love the Chanel 'Quartz' nail polish... Might just have to go and buy some as a special gift to myself!

  2. Well done Jenny! Love all 3 new colours and especially the Peridot on you!!