Saturday, 30 July 2011

Nails Inc Sloane Square

Hello ev'ryone - Here we are on Saturday to write about the Nails Inc fabulous nail varnish - here I am wearing Sloane Square which 
is a gorgeous graphite grey packed with glittery BLING. 
To buy - go straight to Nails Inc site with this link

 I LOVE Nails INC.  Book yourself a manicure at the Champagne Nail Bar at Harvey Nichols underneath the Chandeliers.  
There is nothing like Champagne, Chandeliers and 
perfect nails in your favourite colour 
- the colour that you just feel like that day to make you feel PERFECT 
and nails inc will have just that.
Their colours are endless - here are just a selection 
- go straight to their website for their latest colours.

The nails inc Champagne Nail Bar at Harvey Nichols
Call 020 7235 5000

Crackle all the Way, £25
Create a gorgeous nail art effect using nails inc innovative crackle polishes. 
Simply apply your crackle top coat over your Cambridge Terrace 
nails inc polish and watch the magic happen! 
These polishes are oh-so on trend and will ensure 
that you stay a step ahead of the fashion game.
Special Effects Camden Crackle Top Coat – Patent black
Special Effects Hoxton Crackle Top Coat– Vibrant purple 
Cambridge Terrace – Silver nail polish

Here is Jameela Jamil the new face of nails inc 
wearing the incredible Magnetic Nail Varnish.  
You apply the varnish then turn over the lid and 
wave the magnetic bar over the nail and it magically 
turns your polish like this (below) AMAZING!!

Magnetic Attractions collection Available at nails inc 
Nail Bars across the Country from September 2011

As Jameela herself says 

“Officially the coolest nail varnish I’ve ever seen. 
 It will edge up any outfit”

Last but not least - the ever important Sparkle Style Tip - 
check out these two polishes on Nails Inc Website - 
my other favourites on here to buy immediately would be:

A great Red Pollsh with With Union Jack Crystal Lid 
- Limited Edition - so a collectors item.

The most beautiful irridescent like a butterfly wing turquoise green colour - 
Lexington Street

My Vintage (2005) Dior by John Galliano Gaucho Bag

Detail of John Galliano Dior Bag -
with Coin of Christian Dior Himself and  Dior Key

The shoes are from my huge collection 
- and about 2 years old Pedro Garcia bought 
from Bernard in Esher which is one of the best Designer Shops around.  
Dressing all the wives and Girlfriends of the lovely Chelsea Football Club 
as the training ground is in nearby Cobham 
plus the gorgeous Danielle Lineker as Gary lives across the road 
- Bernard has been run by Helen Rapaport for years.  
She hand picks all the collections and she has won many awards along the way.  

Also buy direct from net-a-porter

Take a look also at Pedro Garcia's beautiful Website 
- Incredible shoes from the Spanish Designer

We were having Sunday Lunch at the Wharf in Teddington - it's gorgeous here.  
I had what I called my 4th 40th Birthday Party here about 4 years ago!! 
Mojitos, Champagne and Dancing.  It was very cool.
Right by the river - it has two great bars.

My lipstick is CHANEL Rouge Coco No 10 Camelia.
As you can see - mine has been in my bag for a while 
and is a bit battered cos I LOVE it and the smell is DIVINE
 - Camelia is an Amazing Colour.

To buy go to the lovely Selfridges Website 

So until next time lovely people - goodbye - enjoy your Saturday!  J Xxx

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