Sunday, 24 July 2011

Chanel Mimosa


Hi there - here is the Jenny Palmer blog where I muse on exactly what I like in fashion - shops - magazines - people - products - designers - beauty and Art - so here goes.  Just click on the links to anything you like and you can buy straight away - either the exact item or something similar.   
We'll start with the picture of me at Genty Fine Art around a month ago at Fitzroy Square. 

I was invited by the very renowned Caymanian Artist Bendel Hydes who I featured in my photographic book on the Cayman Islands published by Macmillan.

Here I am wearing the very brilliant Reiss - 
a gorgeous black grosgrain boned bodiced dress with ribbon lace top and flared skirt.  
Worn a lot by our dear Duchess of Cambridge who seems to excell in simple elegance that purely suits her and makes her beauty shine Reiss has a wide selection of incredibly designed clothes with a modern edge which this blog just LOVES!

Main other focus in this picture is of course the very wonderful CHANEL nail varnish in the new colour Mimosa which is probably unfortunately sold out by now but part the new range link With Chanel you have to move fast on the limited editions as when they've gone - they've really gone. There was a Turquoise I wished I'd got - but I was too late.  Go to the Chanel website to look at their fabulous range of incredible make-up and of course their skincare.'s-new-109995  
My favourite shop to buy Chanel is of course Selfridges

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Since Rouge Noir - the Chanel nail colour (see above) made famous by Uma Thurman in everybody's favourite classic Quentin Tarantino film Pulp Fiction Chanel has been giving us winners! Thanks Chanel!

Some of the favourites in my nail varnish cupboard (not yet walk in!! Haha) are Paradoxal, Particuliere, Black Pearl, Rose Confidential and Kaleidoscope.

In the picture at the top though is Mimosa darling, 
and like the drink it is a gorgeous, summery very individual colour. 
 I wore it for 4 weeks - it is featured in August VOGUE in Kate Phelan's excellent story to subscribe to Vogue.  
You have to subscribe to Vogue UK.  
The other essential Vogue's to read every month by the way 
are Vogue Paris, Vogue Italia and Vogue US.

So goodbye for now - off to Leicester Square to catch a movie.  

Until next time - I can hardly wait myself.   J xx

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